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SCEX helps companies to get more out of their supply chain on the short and on the long term. We combine thinking power with vigor and work with an integral vision. We align supply chains, improve supply lines, optimize processes, increase service levels, decrease supply chain costs and ensure a higher return.

SCEX stands for talking and improving. Substantiated with well-founded analyses and clear reports, we help our clients to streamline their supply and distribution chains. Of course, we are also present to implement our solutions. We believe that paper is patient and most of all: our heart also lays in a pragmatic translation of our ideas to the working floor.

SCEX helps entrepreneurs to take the step from ‘running to planning’. We bring calmness, help you get an overview of the situation and encourage people to be more pro-active in both thinking and doing. We believe that the amount of fires that have to be put out should be decreased in order for management and employees to get back in control and go about their business in the right manner.

SCEX works from boardroom to locker room and easily gains trust at all levels. We speak the language of the director, act as a sounding board for management and brainstorm with the entrepreneur. Just as easy, we enter the working floor to work together with team leaders, supervisors and executors towards sustainable development. No matter what, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients.

SCEX offers pragmatic advice, decisive interim management, transformation programs, energetic business games, focused project management and surprising workshops, presentations and events. With our wealth of knowledge and years of experience, we are always well aware of developments in the market, latest trends and innovations and we have a well-filled toolbox with useful tools, templates and software tools.

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