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In the past years, SCEX has worked for many national and international clients to increase their rates of return. Together, we have carried out dozens of projects in logistics, purchasing and supply chain. We work for a wide range of businesses: from listed multinationals to small and middle sized family companies. Our focus is on process-driven companies with a flow of physical goods. Clients of SCEX can be found at every place in the logistics chain: production companies, importers, wholesales, retailers, web shops and logistics service providers.

At SCEX, we have a diverse and wide background in business and we approach our projects with an integral perspective and a holistic vision. Because developments take place rapidly in our discipline, we are constantly working on refreshing and extending our knowledge. Our bookshelf is well filled with professional literature and our extensive network of companies and educational institutions enables us to quickly access new knowledge, products and services. We constantly share all of our knowledge and experience with our clients so they can easily benefit from our expertise.

We have provided consultancy on selection and implementation of solutions for automation (mostly ERP, WMS and planning tools), effectiveness of the use of ERP-systems, tenders for outsourcing of transport and warehousing, programs to reduce stock, organization and assistance of rehousing, development and implementation of solutions for omnichannel problems and the design and organization of distribution centers.

At every level of the organization, we have occupied interim positions: supply chain director, logistics manager, program director, operations manager, master planner, merchandizing & sourcing manager, supply chain planner and project manager.

For many clients, we have developed and carried out training programs. We have played hundreds of business games and we have developed supported several integral supply chain transformation programs.

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