The core of our work exists of solving problems in the logistics chain. We offer a mix of activities and tailor our efforts to the situation of the client. Every situation is unique and therefore we almost never use standard solutions. However, we do see a large resemblance in the types of challenges companies are facing in the supply chain. For this, we have developed a set of solutions that can be easily tailored to the identified problems. We call this standardized customization.

SCEX offers solutions for both the short and the long term and has the ambition to realize lasting improvements for the client. Our approach can be characterized as pragmatic, having a good sense of reality and we love to get as specific as possible. If you are looking for long and wordy reports, SCEX is not your company.

The Quick Scan is used in the first phase of many of the assignments we do for clients. We use the Quick Scan to develop a structured analysis of the client’s situation according to our standard methods. The result of this scan is an action plan, for which we prioritize and identify the order of actions for improvement in close consultation with the client.

The Quick Scan and action plan can for example lead to an advisory process, appointment of an interim manager, project management or development and management of a transformation program. Our toolbox is well filled with, amongst others, energetic business games, useful software tools and thematic workshops. All with the goal to optimize processes, align the supply chain, develop skills, improve quality and increase reliability and service levels. This means we will help you to get more out of your supply and/or logistics chain.

We make you deliver

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