Gijs Padmos

After receiving his degree in ‘Trade Management Azië’ (International Business Management with a special focus on China), Gijs ended up in the world of supply chain management. After gaining work experience within several functions in the area of supply chain management for almost 10 years, he started as an independent consultant in 2019. During his career he worked for several big companies such as Maxeda DIY, Blokker, Xenos, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Liberty Global, Heineken, and Delinuts.

Gijs acquired a lot of expertise in the field of supply and demand planning and in the structuring and optimizing of planning & forecasting. He is known as someone who is engaging, flexible, and swift. By having a sympathetic ear for both his colleagues and clients, he always has fitting and concrete improvement proposals up his sleeve. In doing so he uses the strength of the organisation and makes sure that the improvements are directly practically feasible and safeguarded during the working progress.

In college Gijs spent a year living, studying, and working in China. During this time, he worked for several clients in an international setting. Due to these experiences and his above-average interest in different cultures, he has learned to adapt to new (internal) cultures very quickly. Gijs will easily make himself at home in his new position and is ready to get to work to achieve your desired results.

Gijs has recently finalized an assignment for SCEX and is available for a new challenge.

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Gijs Padmos


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