Guus van den Elzen

Guus van den Elzen (1981) ended up in the world of logistics and supply after his Bachelor’s program in International Business Administration studies at Tilburg University and his specialization in supply chain management by an APICS-training as Certified Supply Chain Professional.

Customer service always comes first and is only possible through a well-managed process and a proper structure. This can of course only be reached by working together closely with all the internal and external parties. Guus optimizes the supply chain by seeing the client as a starting point. Also, he has a lot of experience as a purchasing manager in the sphere of supply management and the design of the purchasing process. 

He started to work as a consultant in 2017, after being a manager in an international environment at LKL Staal and Elcee for a long time. He assists companies by advising on supply chain and purchasing issues. 

Better performance starts with a clear insight into the current performance and with a clear image of the implementation of processes in the workplace. From there, he optimizes the processes and makes sure that his clients are in control and are able to serve their clients in the best way possible.

Guus holds extensive experience in the implementation and optimization of ERP and WMs, the design of planning and supply management, international supply chain management, sourcing in Asia and Eastern Europe, supply management, and project management. 

He has been active for: LKL Staal, Nevobo, Philips Healthcare, Elcee Group, Paardekooper Group, Concorp, Ropeblock, and King.

Guus van den Elzen


Guus worked for:

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