Hans de Wit

SCEX’s assignments are characterized by their complexity, the involvement of different interests, and the fact that they call on the ability to quickly adapt when needed. In such cases we are asked to know our way around accompanying challenges and even more important: to play a steering role. Seniority is required here, and that’s why we consider ourselves lucky with Hans de Wit as a member of our team.

Hans de Wit (60) has a technical background and has operated in senior management positions at internationally operating companies in production and logistics for over twenty years. This included companies such as Kodak, Asbo, and Chemco. Hans has worked as an independent entrepreneur on a freelance basis since 2004. He did this as an interim-, project-, and program manager, and carried out complex and challenging projects and assignments. He was for example, together with Ruurd Jellema and Casper Jansen, actively involved in Lenta in St. Petersburg for 1,5 years, where he worked as a program manager in supply chain. He had an important part in creating support for the realization the organization’s commitment to the implementation and roll out of the supply chain masterplan.

Hans can be characterized as an enterprising, pragmatic and connective person. He has gained a lot of experience when working on projects that had many different interests and an important role for the change management. He is a flexible manager full of humor but also persistence, when it comes to achieving the set objectives. He is experienced in logistical and productional settings and has a background in production management. He leads and builds teams with a focus on constant improvement.

As a company we define Hans as someone who guides, communicates, coaches, convinces, builds trust, and ends conflicts. He focusses on solutions rather than concentrating on the problems. By making a distinction between primary and secondary issues he manages to pick up the pace and initiate motion. To him clear plans and tangible actions are the most natural thing in the world.

Hans has carried out a wide range of projects and programs at Plantijn Casparie, Rensa Technischische Groothandel, HCM, DHL, Lenta (RU), Republic (UK), Blokker, USG, Ropeblock, Blokker Holding, Centric, and Reesink Logistic Solutions.

Hans has a passion for traveling and together with his family he has left a footprint in almost every continent. He feels at home in every habitat: on a camel in a Moroccan desert, on a hike through Borneo’s jungle, and most recently on a boat on the Senegal River. Additionally, he is a food enthusiast and loves reading a good book.

Hans de Wit


Organisaties waar Han de Wit voor werkt

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