Tinus Weijkamp

After finishing his master’s degrees in Business Administration and Economics at Radboud University Nijmegen, Tinus Weijkamp (1986) immediately started as an independent entrepreneur. In the past few years, he has worked as a project manager in several supply chain planning and logistic projects which made him able to look into, to experience, and to organize multiple companies, projects, and processes from up close. 

Tinus is also the co-founder of Café van Ouds, which is a local pub that he successfully turned into a prominent catering business with a lot of passion and enthusiasm during college. This entrepreneurship is also always present whenever he is active for his supply chain clients. He is always committed, vigorous, and curious, and he does not only know his way around management but also around every employer of every shop or warehouse. 

Tinus combines his academic basis with an interest in IT and straightforward innovative solutions. His close attention to practicalities in the workplace and his passion for team and talent development make Tinus a true team player. His main goal is to find operable and measurable solutions, which he always wants to preserve in work processes preferably by being present during testing and by being actively involved with the transfer. 

Tinus holds extensive experience in the improvements in supply chain processes, logistics, project management, supply chain planning, supply management, and business gaming.

Tinus has been active for: Big Bazar, Loc7000, Jobdigger, Xenos, Paardekooper Group, Allshoes, and King.


Tinus Weijkamp

Tinus worked for:

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