Wouter Eerkens

Wouter Erksen (1981) has a broad background in both Business and Public Administration (Erasmus University & Utrecht University). After completing his two master’s degrees, he started his career as a consultant. After wrapping up his career in this field, he filled in various positions in different sectors.  Due to the variety of roles he has played within different organizations, he has become specialized in adapting himself to his surroundings and their complications at a high speed. 

Wouter is considered an enthusiastic professional with a passion for helping both organizations and people move forward. Managing projects and solving problems energizes him, especially when intersecting with the commercial field. 


By looking at things through different perspectives he thinks about changes and their possible consequences. This is done pragmatically whenever possible, but if needed he gladly delves into a problem in order to get to the root of the matter. 

He is very experienced in leading and guiding different types of projects( of change), and on top of that, he has strategical and hands-on experience when it comes to shaping and planning chains. 

Wouter has been active for: Albert Heijn, Ahold Europe Sourcing, Telfort & Telfort Zakelijk, Ziggo, ING, Xenos, NEC-Philips, Kromkommer, Schoeller Allibert, Etos, Blokker, Dekamarkt, and A World of SOOP.

Wouter Eerkens


Wouter worked for:

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