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Tailored advice

Are we obtaining the optimal result with our logistic process? How agile is our supply chain? Is our current purchasing strategy still the best option for us?

SCEX can help you to formulate the right answers to these complex questions. For both large and small companies, we have participated at the board level in addressing strategic issues that are guiding for the long term and greatly influence management and organization of the supply chain, business structure and departments.

We are also experts in dealing with issues that are of a tactical and operational nature. Whether it is supporting you in the selection process of an automation solution, efficiently organizing and designing your warehouse, preparing the company for the implementation of a new planning tool, or increasing the effectivity of your ERP, we can help and provide you with pragmatic advice that has proved to work.

In most cases, we start with a short assessment and analysis of the situation and problems. For this, we use the term ‘Quick Scan’. Data is collected and analyzed according to a proven method and we speak with employees, management, board and important stakeholders. In fact, it all comes down to asking many questions, because we are curious, but also because we want to capture the core of your problems as accurately as possible. If the core challenges are not tackled, we will never get past sticking plasters and quick fixes.

Based on the outcomes of the Quick Scan, we develop an overview of the most important bottlenecks. Subsequently, an effectiveness matrix is used to make a concrete list of points of improvement, starting, of course, with the low-hanging fruit. In other words: together we determine the ‘quick wins’ and start with the realization of tangible improvements directly after that.

Supply Chain Interim
  • Advice at strategic, tactical and operational level
  • Integral approach
  • Capturing of core challenges

Thorough management

‘Managing a project’, it sounds so easy. But you probably know better from your own experience: vague and unclear goals, insufficient commitment by the project sponsor, members of the project team that underperform due to operational pressure, changes in the scope of the project, budget overrun, missed deadlines etc. Unfortunately, it often happens that there are difficulties in the execution of the project. But that is not how it has to go down!

An experienced project manager who knows how to define, start and execute a project successfully can prevent a lot of distress. That project manager takes care of the development of a clear project plan, comes up with a feasible planning in cooperation with the client and the project team, ensures commitment of all stakeholders, keeps the budget in check, has a set of practical PM-tools, constantly monitors risks and starts addressing and mitigating these in time.

At SCEX, we are skilled in project management and draw upon years of experience with managing projects of different natures. We also bring our own ‘toolbox’ that has proven successful.

If different projects are taking place at the same time, we know from experience that it is useful to appoint a program manager, as this ensures coordination & synergy. We have a lot of experience with managing programs as well and will be happy to assist you.

But that is not all! Are you temporarily in need of management or executive capacity? We can help you out. The experts of SCEX have occupied interim positions at all levels, from supply chain director to supply chain planner and from manager of logistics to purchaser. We acquire the knowhow of your organization fast and are used to quickly adjust ourselves to different situations. Whether it is turn around management, replacement or occupation of a new function, we rapidly make ourselves at home and are ready to help you out.

From the real experts
  • Projectmanagement
  • Program management
  • Interim management

Mind-blowing business games

Games are incredibly popular, for playing, but also for learning. Business games can effectuate changes in behavior by self-discovery in ‘real-life’ gaming situations. SCEX believes that business games represent ‘the new way of learning’ and that it can be used to accomplish changes in supply chain processes. Because of the combination of information and entertainment, every business game is a unique experience that playfully encourages the participant to change his/her ways of thinking and working. During the business game, the participant receives tips and pragmatic tools in order to achieve optimization of the supply chain, improvement of customer focus and communication and better supply chain alignment.

The flexibility of our business games allows for integration of different learning goals through the method of learning interventions. In more detail: the business games of SCEX include several standard interventions that can be tailored to your wishes for specific interventions & learning goals.

It is our experience that with this form of ‘learning through experience’ participants retain more knowledge than with other forms of training. Furthermore, business games can have a sustainable effect on the development and professionalization of organizations. This can be attributed to the underlying idea of ‘learning & developing by doing and experiencing’.

With our learning interventions we make the people of companies and organizations conscious of their role and encourage them to playfully discover their place in the supply chain. They experience the consequences of not knowing what happens in the links before and behind them and they get to know the customer by being a customer themselves. It is safe to say that the game ‘tickles’ the supply chain.

Business games provide the players with insight into the complexity of the supply chain in which they operate, with useful tips for better supply chain alignment and with lessons learned from business economy for acceleration of the supply chain processes.

business game
  • Bricks & Brains (variants: logistic services, wholesale, production)
  • Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain Game
  • Silk Race Supply Chain

More commitment

In the world of the supply chain rational processes mostly come first. Systems, algorithms and data form the base for stable, standardized and robust working processes. In combination with amongst others: procedures and working instructions, function profiles and quality standards, they are used to create a structure for managing and controlling processes well.

Every organization should, as part of this structure, regularly focus itself on employee commitment. At SCEX, we view commitment as motivation for the individual to contribute to the success of the organization. Commitment is important for prediction of the performance an employee will deliver and thus has a direct effect on the company’s results.

For every employee, commitment is based on the possibility to visibly and meaningfully contribute to the organization. This means that the focus should be on a clear goal (understand why you do what you do) and on a supportive working climate (willingness to help each other out unconditionally).

Every company is an evolutionary system: something happens every day. For those who listen carefully, there is the call for innovation. If companies do not answer this call, the system will eventually start to follow its own path. We believe every one of your employees is not hesitant to change, but to being changed. Our interventions allow for changes to take place intrinsically. Not because they are being imposed, but because employees know what changes are necessary for their work to be more successful and fun!

SCEX helps organizations to meet above characteristics as well as possible, creating preconditions for a high level of commitment. We have a wide range of interventions at hand, like our philosophy of ‘the ball’ for instance, that has proven successful.

Ballen in uw bedrijf
  • Commitment is important for prediction of company results
  • The base for more commitment is easy to create
  • SCEX shoots balls into your company

Well-stocked toolbox

SCEX has a well-stocked toolbox filled with smart measures and practical tools. All these have proven to be worth our while, but of course we adjust them regularly as we learn something new every day. When working for our clients we use these tools as much as possible, this means we can make a quick start and you will benefit from an approach that has proven successful.

One of our tools exists of the quick scan, used at the start of our cooperation with a new client. We make use of different variants, depending of the nature of the problems. Every scan is done according to a standard method and contains a mix of data analysis, observations and interviews. We ask many questions, collect information and develop an inventory and analysis of important bottlenecks and points of improvement. This forms the base for what comes next.

Increasing the effectiveness of WMS-packages is one of our specialties. In many companies, the WMS is not used optimally, even though implementation of the WMS has cost a lot of time and money. SCEX assists you with the selection, implementation and optimization of WMS. Our checklist helps us to easily identify aspects of your software that can be optimized.

Optimal warehouse design is dependent of many factors. SCEX advises you on the development of a new warehouse and on optimization of existing warehouses. For this, we have developed a template in which we simply fill in all relevant parameters. This forms the first concept that we fine tune further in close consultation with the client.

The supply chain does not end with the unloading of goods at the retailer’s store. SCEX optimizes the supply chain all the way into the store. We visit shops, analyze processes, identify practical points of improvement and support its implementation.

Toolbox SCEX
  • Effectiveness of WMS
  • Organize and optimize warehouse
  • Store logistics

Supply chain planning college

Supply chain planner, Master planner, Demand planner, Supply & Demand planner… those are a few of the different names for functions that include the important tasks of supply management, reliable forecasting and development and execution of order plans. Many companies that have their supply organized by a planning department know how important it is to have good planners. And how difficult it is to find them. There is a reason why there are thousands of vacancies for planners nowadays.

As you can imagine, many clients have asked us to provide them with good planners. This gave rise to the idea of starting a Supply Chain Planning College (SCPC), in cooperation with the Arnhem & Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences (HAN). The SCPC prepares young talented logisticians for the role of supply chain planner. These young potentials study logistic management at the applied science level. Together with HAN, we have developed a minor in supply chain management with a focus on the role of planner in production and trading companies, retailers and e-commerce companies. In addition to educating the students on this and on how to apply it, we focus on development of practical skills as well.

The SCPC cooperates closely with different companies. Casuistry provided by these business partners forms important input for the minor. Talented and ambitious students do their graduate internship with one of the participating companies. If the student completes this with success, a supply chain planning traineeship follows the internship.

In the course of one year, the young potential works as a supply chain planner for one of the partners of the SCPC, while being coached both on the job and during study days by the SCPC. The participating companies pay the SCPC a fee for each contracted trainee, who receives a competitive salary as well.
The companies do not only benefit from qualified and ambitious students entering the workforce, they also get access to the knowledge and expertise of HAN and SCEX, can provide own cases or assignments and are invited to all events and knowledge sharing sessions organized by SCPC.

The Supply Chain Planning minor of the SCPC has started this school year (2018-2019) with over 10 students. Interested in becoming a partner of the SCPC and in the unique opportunity to recruit the best students for your company?

Supply Chain Planning College
  • Talented and ambitious students for the role of planner
  • Close cooperation with University of Applied Sciences
  • Intensive coaching by SCEX

Useful tools

SCEX has developed several useful software tools that can be implemented directly in your daily operation. The software tools of SCEX do not need supportive software such as ERP or WMS and does not require large investments. The tools can be implemented quickly and are user friendly.

The tools are pragmatic solutions for daily operational challenges. We continue to improve and develop them, because we try to learn from the challenges that confront you every day. Our challenge is to support you in that the best way we can, with service and useful tools.

One of our software solutions is a clear and user friendly KPI-dashboard for your warehouse. The dashboard uses important indicators in order to display the efficiency and quality of your warehouse in a visual, clear and comprehensible way. You enter the data and our tool does the rest. With the KPI-dashboard you get a better sense of the efficiency of your logistic operation and of the most important bottlenecks.

With our slot- and dock-planning tool, you become the director of your inbound supply chain. In a portal your suppliers can select a delivery moment within the timeslots that are defined by you. You retain full control, but unnecessary work is taken out of your hands. All of this takes place without the use of Excel and in a nicely designed tool.

SCEX develops pragmatic and nicely designed software tools with user friendliness as the most important focus. This way SCEX can offer you solutions that are easy to implement and can help you to gain more control over your daily operation. Now and in the future.

Swiss Army
  • Pragmatic
  • Nicely designed
  • Easy to implement