Counsel & Implementation

Does our logistic operation get us the best results? Is our supply chain viable enough? Does our procurement strategy still function properly?

SCEX is able to help you in finding the right answers to complex questions. We have assisted both big and small businesses at management level in solving strategic issues that are indicative for the long term and that have a large impact on the establishments of chains, organizations, and departments.

We are also there for you regarding issues with a tactical and operational nature. From selecting an automation solution to establishing your warehouse and from implementing a planning tool to increasing the effectivity of your ERP, we always like to assist you. We never give it a second thought as we love to support you with pragmatic counsel that has proven to be effective.

Most of the time, we like to start with a quick inventory and analysis of the situation and the issues. We refer to this by the beautiful name of Quick Scan. We observe the organization and operation, collect and analyze data, and talk with employees, management, and important stakeholders according to a fixed method. In other words, we like to ask a lot of questions everywhere. We do this not only because we are curious but also because we want to comprehend the essence: where is the core of all the issues? If these problems aren’t solved as fast as possible, you will never stop papering over the cracks.

The results of our Quick Scan help us in getting to the implementation of the most important issues. With a little help of an effectivity matrix, we will draw up a concrete remedial action plan whereby we pick the low-hanging fruit first, of course. In other words, we first like to determine the quick wins with you and then start to implement the specific enhancements.

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