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There is not a lot that make a SCEX-heart beat faster than the organization of an unforgettable event. We can think of it all; from inspiring kick-offs and a memorable opening of a new distribution center, to an interactive information sessions in which SCEX updates your employers or clients about the latest developments and innovations within the Supply Chain World. And, if desired, we could even do the organization for you!

Nowadays, we are overrun with large amounts of online and offline events. Therefore, distinctiveness is very important these days. We combine our expertise with a good dose of creativity and interactivity in order to make your event surprising, educational, and memorable. We also have great ideas about  decoration and catering.

Our library contains multiple awesome examples of the latest innovations, interactive software, diverse networks, interesting case studies, and also many inspirational books about the newest trends in evolutionary biology, psychology, and behavior.

This way, SCEX is able to make every event one of a kind. We are always there to make your event interesting and memorable!

Our events

On your own initiative, SCEX organizes events with regularity. For example, we could update you about the latest Supply Chain themes and let you experience how educational it could be to participate in a business game. We always like to offer a stage for interesting people from our own network to share insights with you that are never seen before.


Clients for whom we have organized events

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