Learning & Developing

SCEX consists of a diverse team made up of experienced professionals, all of them with their own expertise and interests. Over the years, we have been able to provide a big number of presentations, trainings, workshops, and lectures for our clients. The events had a large variety in subjects, causing SCEX to have a well-filled briefcase of expertise.

One of the ways in which this knowledge is constantly applied, is through the Supply Chain Planning College. With the help of SCPC we establish a link between education and actually putting knowledge into practice. In doing so, we guide our students with their development by means of lectures, business visits and cases, and workshops. Most importantly, we do this both during and after their minor. In this way SCEX connects theory with insights from hands-on experience and trains a new generation of supply chain planners.

SCEX can help your employees in their development by designing and implementing programs concerning language development. We assist in shaping the learning objectives and customizing the programs. In our eyes, interaction is required in order to achieve a better learning efficiency. Our portfolio includes several business games that stimulate interaction, mutual cooperation, and experiential learning.


SCEX makes learning and developing effective and fun!

Clients who we have helped with Learning & Developing

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