Project Management

‘Managing a project’ may sound easy, but from your own experience you will probably know better than that: unclear project objectives, insufficient commitment from the project sponsor, team members that don’t deliver because of operational overload, the scope of the project being modified during the project, cost overruns, deadlines that aren’t met, and so on.

Experience has sadly shown that a lot can go wrong during the execution of a project, but this can be different!

The commitment of an experienced project manager who gets what is involved in defining, starting, and successfully executing a project, will prevent a lot of trouble. Such a project manager makes sure that there is a clear project plan, comes up with a clear planning together with the client and the project team, and secures the commitment of all the stakeholders. On top of that, he or she protects the budget, applies a set of practical PM-tools, is constantly aware of risks, and takes measures to mitigate those risks in a timely manner.

The managers from SCEX are trained in project management and have years of experience in managing projects with diverse backgrounds.

And we bring our own toolbox. Success guaranteed.

When various projects are running simultaneously, we experienced that, in the context of coordination and synergy, it is better to appoint a program manager. We are familiar with this situation as well, and we would be happy to assist you.

Clients who have chosen a Projectmanager from SCEX

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