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Supply chain planner, Master planner, Demand planner, Supply & Demand planner… those are a few of the different names for functions that include the important tasks of supply management, reliable forecasting and development and execution of order plans. Many companies that have their supply organized by a planning department know how important it is to have good planners. And how difficult it is to find them. There is a reason why there are thousands of vacancies for planners nowadays.

As you can imagine, many clients have asked us to provide them with good planners. This gave rise to the idea of starting a Supply Chain Planning College (SCPC), in cooperation with the Arnhem & Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences (HAN). The SCPC prepares young talented logisticians for the role of supply chain planner. These young potentials study logistic management at the applied science level. Together with HAN, we have developed a minor in supply chain management with a focus on the role of planner in production and trading companies, retailers and e-commerce companies. In addition to educating the students on this and on how to apply it, we focus on development of practical skills as well.

The SCPC cooperates closely with different companies. Casuistry provided by these business partners forms important input for the minor. Talented and ambitious students do their graduate internship with one of the participating companies. If the student completes this with success, a supply chain planning traineeship follows the internship.

In the course of one year, the young potential works as a supply chain planner for one of the partners of the SCPC, while being coached both on the job and during study days by the SCPC. The participating companies pay the SCPC a fee for each contracted trainee, who receives a competitive salary as well.

The companies do not only benefit from qualified and ambitious students entering the workforce, they also get access to the knowledge and expertise of HAN and SCEX, can provide own cases or assignments and are invited to all events and knowledge sharing sessions organized by SCPC.

The Supply Chain Planning minor of the SCPC has started this school year (2018-2019) with over 10 students. Interested in becoming a partner of the SCPC and in the unique opportunity to recruit the best students for your company?

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