Transformation Programs

Transformation: everyone talks about it and if you don’t go along, you may think you’re missing something important or even essential for a successful business. Some words that relate to transformation are re-creation, reformation, rotation, modification, and alteration.

A transformation of your business evolves around continuously improving your course and rediscovering yourself depending on circumstances and developments.

SCEX has a lot of experience in supporting companies through their transformation process. Sometimes this process consists of complete programs with a long lead-time. Other times, it consists of compact programs of only a few months. The common theme running through them all is a mix of lectures, masterclasses, business games, casuistry, and visits to other companies. These are all composed of concrete examples of reality which makes them interactive, recognizable, and a lot of fun. Wherever needed, we bring along specialists, but that goes without saying. The content of these programs is embodied in slide decks, whitepapers, syllabi, and even in books once in a while.

Some examples:

  • We have developed and executed so-called Supply Chain Transformation programs for multiple retailers whereby traditional supply-led chains had to be rebuilt to live up to the client demand;
  • We have established and implemented frivolous LEAN-programs for several production companies;
  • We have composed and put into practice a continuous improvement plan for all supervisors of a trendsetting technical wholesaler.

In our programs, we have used tango orchestras, swimming pools, comedians, puzzles, suitcases full of LEGO, trendwatchers, lunch boxes, drinking cups, balloons, crayons, candy, golf balls, and kilometers of rope.

Are you looking for inspiration and support for the transformation of your company? SCEX is the right place for you.

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