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SCEX helps in solving supply chain issues at all levels.

…and SCEX gives you answers that no one else has ever given before. Step by step, we can make your chain completely up to date. Uncertainties turn into certainties, the past turns into the future.


How do we fix this?


SCEX helps solving supply chain issues at all levels.

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SCEX offers capacity for programs, projects, and occupation of temporarily positions

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Driving Change

SCEX ensures that all changes are successfully realized with your input.

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SCEX helps in giving the right answers to questions about supply chain and logistics. We are able to do this at every level: from setting up a supply chain roadmap and selecting a WMS, TMS, OMS, to optimizing your supply chain network and creating a blueprint for the design of your logistic processes.

The consultants of SCEX have a broad background in business administration and always make sure that their knowledge stays up-to-date. They also provide pragmatic advices that are proven to be effective. We like to implement as well.

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