SCEX has a well-stocked toolbox filled with smart measures and practical tools. All these have proven to be worth our while, but of course we adjust them regularly as we learn something new every day. When working for our clients we use these tools as much as possible, this means we can make a quick start and you will benefit from an approach that has proven successful.

One of our tools exists of the quick scan, used at the start of our cooperation with a new client. We make use of different variants, depending of the nature of the problems. Every scan is done according to a standard method and contains a mix of data analysis, observations and interviews. We ask many questions, collect information and develop an inventory and analysis of important bottlenecks and points of improvement. This forms the base for what comes next.

Increasing the effectiveness of WMS-packages is one of our specialties. In many companies, the WMS is not used optimally, even though implementation of the WMS has cost a lot of time and money. SCEX assists you with the selection, implementation and optimization of WMS. Our checklist helps us to easily identify aspects of your software that can be optimized.

Optimal warehouse design is dependent of many factors. SCEX advises you on the development of a new warehouse and on optimization of existing warehouses. For this, we have developed a template in which we simply fill in all relevant parameters. This forms the first concept that we fine tune further in close consultation with the client.

The supply chain does not end with the unloading of goods at the retailer’s store. SCEX optimizes the supply chain all the way into the store. We visit shops, analyze processes, identify practical points of improvement and support its implementation.

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