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Games have always been very popular to both play and learn. Business games are able to incite behavioral change by providing self-discovery in real game situations. SCEX thinks that business games represent the new form of learning and uses them to boost changes within chains. A strong mix of information and entertainment turns every business game into an experience that boosts players to think differently and consider new procedures. These business games offer concrete advise and discuss several pragmatic tools in order to optimize the chain, improve the customer satisfaction, and increase communication and coordination.

Our business games are sufficiently flexible as they integrate different learning goals into the form of learning interventions in a very simple way. The business games of SCEX have several standard interventions that could all be extended with specific learning procedures based on your personal wishes.

This form of experiential learning tends to make the message stick around longer by players than every other training forms. Business games have a sustainable effect on the development and professionalizing of organizations. “To learn and improve, you yourself have to do it and experience it.”

Our learning interventions are able to make people in companies and organizations aware of where they are. By playing, the employers discover what their own position within the chain is and what happens when they no longer know what is going on before and after them in the chain. In this way, they will get to know the client by being one. The game stimulates and excites the chain.

Business games give players more understanding of their chain’s complexity. It also gives them useful tips to streamline the chains and speed up the chain’s business principles.

In this brochure, you can read more about our supply of business games.

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